BYD Unveils Revolutionary DiSus-X Suspension System on Supercar

BYD is getting ready to reveal the coolest suspension technology since the Citroen DS's hydropneumatic system, and they're doing it with a quad-motor electric supercar. That's right, folks – the BYD YangWang U9 is an electric supercar with DiSus-X suspension that can drive on only three wheels and hop in the air off all four!

DiSus-X is the newest in a family of clever hydraulic DiSus suspension systems, and it debuts on the U9. With the system, the U9 can drive on just three wheels in case of a tire blowout, and it can even jump an inch or two off the ground with its vertical leap capabilities. Not only can it jump, but BYD's DiSus-X should enable the U9 to level itself through corners, provide additional grip to specific tires, and swaddle passengers in a way most supercars simply can't.

We don't have all the battery, power, and performance specs just yet – those should be revealed next week at Auto Shanghai – but one thing's for sure: this electric supercar is sure to be a hit! Stay tuned for more details on how DiSus-X works and the electric supercar's specs when the BYD YangWang U9 is revealed at Auto Shanghai next week.