YouTuber Experiences Catastrophic Brake Failure in Tesla Model S Plaid

Check out this incredible story about the Tesla Model S Plaid! On the Chillin with Chet YouTube channel, Cheyenne Lord recently discovered what it's like when the brakes of this production vehicle fail completely – at an incredible speed of 170 mph! This is an amazing story, and Lord was lucky to escape with only non-life-threatening injuries.

Lord wanted to use the Plaid for track use and had previously installed Unplugged Performance brakes as well as larger carbon-ceramic rotors and steel-braided brake lines at all four corners. Despite these upgrades, he decided to keep the stock Tesla Dot 3 brake fluid – and this might be the cause of the crash.

In his future video, Lord will explain in more detail what happened. However, one thing that is for certain is that this story is a lesson for all of us to be extremely careful when it comes to taking vehicles to the track, even if they have an updated set of braking components.